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Announcement - July 25, 2022

Chairman          T. Kent Corcoran

Vice-Chairman  Lee Clark

Secretary          Jen Wanisko

Treasurer          JoEllen Daily


Elected district Committee Persons:

1 - 1     Dennis Hardick and Derick Lewis

2 - 1     Jose DeLeon and Kailani DeLeon

3 - 1     Vacant

4 - 1     Anthony Morelli and Marie Morelli

5 - 1     Joshua Wanisko and Jennifer Wanisko

6- 1      Dominick Vangeli

6 - 2     Lee Clark and Thomas Regrut

7 - 1     T. Kent Corcoran and Sherry Corcoran

7 - 2     Keith Kennedy

7 - 3     Tina Longacre

Elected committee persons can be reached at: 


PSA - February 9, 2022

Supporting these Black-owned businesses in P’burg will strengthen our town


Letter by Lee Clark, Vice President Town Council, Phillipsburg 

Published: Feb. 08, 2022, 9:29 AM

Lee Clark Black History Month.jfif

When observing Black History month, we too often acknowledge the achievements of the great Black inventors and humanitarians, the giants who have shaped our society, and we forget the contributions of the decent people around us, our friends and neighbors who work hard and make a difference in our town and our lives every day. That's why Lee Clark's letter is so important. He understands the impact of local Black-owned businesses, and he lists some of those right here in town. 

ANNOUNCEMENT January 18, 2022

Free Covid antigen tests by mail:

UPDATE January 10, 2022

Contact: Naree Ketudat, Communications Director


Phone: 781-266-8476


January 10th, 2022

Malinowski Announces Plans for 2022 Election Cycle


(Bridgewater, NJ) "'Once more unto the breach, dear friends...'"

Mask Display

UPDATE January 3, 2022

Keith Kennedy and Lee Clark took their oath of office today so they can hit the ground running at tomorrow's, January 4, 2021 town council meeting. Keith bleeds garnet and grey. He has been working for this town and its people in one way or another for decades. Lee is the first African American elected to serve on the town council in the entire long history of Phillipsburg. They are eager to start their terms and look forward to serving the diverse community they represent and accomplishing the positive change they campaigned on for everyone in Phillipsburg.




PRESS RELEASE: October, 2021 


The Candidates, Keith Kennedy, Derick Lewis, and Lee Clark are looking forward to a head-to-head debate to have an opportunity to share our views about how we plan on FOR A BETTER PHILLIPSBURG!

Location: Virtual


Consider signing up to help with our phone bank and canvass. 



Oct 17, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Flynn's on the Hill, 341 Pursel St, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, USA

Join us for a RALLY as we count down to the General Election!

A Better Phillipsburg For Everyone!

No upcoming events at the moment


PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey town council president has been charged with misusing of the county 911 emergency telephone system.

Phillipsburg Town Council President Frank McVey faces a fourth-degree charge of false public alarms and, if convicted could face up to 18 months in state prison, according to Warren County First Assistant Prosecutor Anthony Robinson.

Character is important, and Kennedy, Lewis, and Clark always put Phillipsburg first!

Phillipsburg can do better!

Phillipsburg Democratic Committee is Proud to Announce 

Our Candidates for

Phillipsburg Town Council

Our Candidates

It is with enormous pride that the Phillipsburg Democratic Committee announces our full team of Keith Kennedy, Derick Lewis, and Lee Clark for Phillipsburg Town Council.  Kennedy, Lewis, and Clark are three men with one goal. They want to build a better Phillipsburg.  A better Phillipsburg for everyone who lives here or works here, shops here, or worships here.  A better Phillipsburg for you.  A better Phillipsburg for everyone.

They are running for Town Council because the Phillipsburg, they believe in, is not for sale. It doesn't exist to be sliced up and sold off piece by piece. Their Phillipsburg doesn't look like a hollowed-out sprawl of warehouses blocking the waterfront.  It doesn't smell like Diesel fumes from the un-permitted LMR Transfer Station or sounds like the squealing brakes and endless rumble of tractor-trailers across South Main Street.  

They welcome investment, real investments in the town, people, and the sustainable future of Phillipsburg. They support existing businesses and welcome all types of commerce with sustainable development. Their first concern will always be what these businesses bring to Phillipsburg.

Our Phillipsburg is the Phillipsburg with a fully-funded free public library.  A Phillipsburg with recreational spaces that our kids can use without fear of injury; A Phillipsburg whose people don't have to be afraid of elected officials who attack them from podcasts or from the privileged Dias of a Town Council chair.  A Phillipsburg where we celebrate our differences and traditions, welcoming those who want to share their traditions with us.  A Phillipsburg where honesty, hard work, and integrity still mean something.  

In short, a Better Phillipsburg For Everyone. You Deserve Better.  We Can Do Better. 

Elect Keith Kennedy, Derick Lewis, and Lee Clark for Phillipsburg Town Council


2021 New Jersey
Warren County Democratic Candidates

Denise King.png
Nick LaBelle.jpg
Hope Kaufman.png

Phil Murphy


Denise King

Senate District 23

Hope Kaufman

General Assembly 23

Nicholas LaBelle

General Assembly 23



We're running because we believe in a Better Phillipsburg for Everyone!

The team of Keith Kennedy, Derick Lewis, and Lee Clark are here to serve the people of Phillipsburg after 4-years of Town Council's fiscal mismanagement, hidden agendas, poor judgment, and lack of transparency.

Our three candidates will gladly work with the existing Town Council members, the Mayor, and Town Staff in a fair, balanced way, coming together while properly representing the people of Phillipsburg. 

We represent all of the people of Phillipsburg.

Keith Kennedy, Derick Lewis, and Lee Clark are long-time residents running in this important election because we deserve better for our town!

Issues for Phillipsburg

Our Issues for a Better


Our Platform Issues for a Better Phillipsburg

  1. Investments - Riverfront Development, Fully-Funded Library, Warehouses 

  2. Community Development - Environment and Eco-Tourism

  3. Children's Recreation and Programs, Festival and Events for Everyone

We are the Better Choice


We believe in Transparency and Character in Government
We practice Inclusion with everyone in our interactions with others
We insist on Fiscal Responsibility for a better Phillipsburg

Kennedy, Lewis, and Clark work for the collective prosperity of residents, businesses, and building owners; For a Better Phillipsburg.

About Us

About Us


The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee represents the Town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. We are committed to helping Phillipsburg Democrats organize, address local issues, and support electoral campaigns that promote democratic ideals and positively impact the quality of life and government within the Town of Phillipsburg, and neighboring communities, as well as supporting regional and national efforts of the Democratic Party at large.

The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee believes that all residents should be represented by those men and women who understand the historical significance of our working-class roots, the family values we have embraced, and the fundamental fairness standard we employ and seek for all.


Your Vote Matters - especially during this election!


What is the Voter Registration Deadline?

The Voter Registration Deadline is 21 days before the election.

How can I register to vote?

Voters can register to vote on online or by filling out a paper registration form.

How can I check my voter registration status?

Voters can check their voter registration status on the "Am I Registered?" page on the New Jersey Voter Information Portal.
Voting Questions? Call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837)

Voter Registration


Contact Us

Help Make Phillipsburg Better
How can we help you?
Would you endorse Kennedy, Lewis and Clark?

Thanks for your feedback!


Phillipsburg Democratic Committee Headquarters

112 South Main St, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

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