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Phillipsburg Democratic Committee Members and Officers


Chair: Kent Corcoran

The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee is a diverse and progressive organization that represents the Democratic Party in Phillipsburg and strives for efficient and responsible government. It is governed by the elected Democratic Committee members, who are drawn from their electoral districts in the Town of Phillipsburg.  The Committee believes that all residents should be represented by those men and women who understand the historical significance of the family values that come from our working-class roots.

The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee’s mission is to support local municipal campaigns and elect strong candidates at the local, county, state, and federal levels through voter education, voter registration, and community outreach.  We support the regional and national efforts of the Democratic Party at large. Our goal is to positively impact the quality of life and government within the Town of Phillipsburg and neighboring communities. We work to empower the overlooked within our community and to improve the strength of our free and fair democracy. We believe we can and should make life better for families in town and beyond it and that we succeed when we have each other’s backs, and we work together and lift each other up. The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee strives for fairness, justice, and equality for all. 


Legal: Too many to list here.



Campaigns: Sherry Corcoran

Officers for the Phillipsburg Democratic Committee

Chair          T. Kent Corcoran

Vice-Chair  Lee Clark

Secretary   Jen Wanisko

Treasurer   JoEllen Daily

Committee Members for the Phillipsburg Democratic Committee

1 - 1     Dennis Hardick and Derick Lewis

2 - 1     Jose DeLeon and Kailani DeLeon

3 - 1     Elizabeth Ridley

4 - 1     Anthony Morelli and Marie Morelli

5 - 1     Joshua Wanisko and Jennifer Wanisko

6- 1      Dominick Vangeli

6 - 2     Lee Clark and Thomas Regrut

7 - 1     T. Kent Corcoran and Sherry Corcoran

7 - 2     Keith Kennedy

7 - 3     Tina Longacre

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