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Keith Kennedy - Candidate for Town Council

Everywhere he goes, Derick helps people grow into the best version of themselves.  In Stroudsburg, he coached youth from the ages of three to ten in youth basketball.  In a past career, he assisted individuals with behavioral and mental health issues to meet their own goals, such as independent living, budgeting their finances, or getting a job.  As a college instructor, he focused on motivating students to think outside of the lesson and apply their knowledge practically.

As an administrator of a local business and a former member of the Phillipsburg Planning Board, Derick understands the challenges we face in this difficult time and how we can rebuild Phillipsburg into a town where companies would like to bring their business, and also how to make Phillipsburg a place for newcomers to make their home.

Education and Certifications:

Bachelors in Criminal Justice

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

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