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Warehouse & Spot Zoning

We deserve to have our public spaces protected from special interests. We have a Master Plan that describes the purpose of waterfront properties and specifically calls out Deleware River Park as a focus of our Eco-friendly approach to land use. 



Kennedy, Lewis, and Clark support investment in Phillipsburg. A mall-sized warehouse of 550,000 square feet placed on an already crowded South Main Street, in the downtown, on the river, in one of our parks, which is one of our most valuable resources, is wrong. It's the wrong solution at the wrong time in the wrong place.


We welcome warehouses in the appropriate locations along Memorial Highway, not downtown on our riverfront, at the expense of our residents. No traffic study, no discourse from the community, just an announcement and a reading of the Ordinance to change the Zoning to Industrial 2 from Residential approached only three years ago. 

"WE ARE A POOR COMMUNITY THAT SHOULD BE THANKFUL FOR THE WAREHOUSES AND THEY SHOULD BUILD THEM ONE ON TOP OF ANOTHER, LIKE LEGOS" quote by Council Vice President Robert Fulper. May 4th, 2021 currently running for re-election.

Again, ask questions.


Who owns the land and why offer the Deleware River Park as part of the development?


Who agreed to allow LMR a place on the River as a Transfer Station?


Who re-zoned the park to be included in a larger industrial zone that was designated residential only three short years ago?

What changed?


Who benefits?


We need to keep our riverfront access to the people of Phillipsburg. 

Based on recorded statements and votes of three members of the current, they are giving special treatment to known associates exploiting Spot Zoning as a way to turn over public lands into private hands. The ruse is that this town council voted for that area be included in the redevelopment plan supporting a greenway and not to benefit a single taxpayer at the expense of all others. Yet, here we are!

This situation has not been resolved and is going to cost the town, read taxpayers, an unplanned expense in increase infrastructure costs, that includes sewage, roads, and public services not included of the current budget. The trucks traversing South Main Street are a menace to residents along their path, increased road wear, narrow streets, and public safety. 


This park was originally created in part by a New Jersey State Grant of $1,000,000 made possible from Green Acres New Jersey. More questions exist than answers. Even re-zoning the private parcel does not mean that the park should be cut into parts for one taxpayer's benefit.


How is it possible for three elected officials able to undo the work and expense in opposition to a majority of the community? 


Good enough for the library but not a park on the Riverfront. Where is the public binding referendum?   


Are we being manipulated to achieve a hidden agenda serving special interest? 


Where is the explanation from our elected officials?

Do your research and decide for yourself.

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